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Mexico City health authorities agree green light is possible for June

Mexico City, Mexico — The Mexico City Director of Epidemiology says if the city continues on its current trend, a green epidemiological light for June, and the return to classes possible.

José Luis Alomía, Director of Epidemiology said that health authorities are foreseeing that it could be possible for the city to reach green light for the next cycle. He explained that for the city to move forward with the return of face-to-face classes for June 7, a green epidemiological light will be necessary.

Currently, the city’s epidemiological light is yellow.

The heath official said that in the capital there is a downward trend and a very marked control of the epidemic, especially during the last two months, which has allowed it to go from orange to yellow.

“If the trend continues, if the behavior and control of the epidemic remains as it has been in Mexico City, it may be a goal they can achieve, but we will know that when we update the light in the first week of June,” he added.

On Monday, Campeche was forced to suspend their back-to-school plan. Classes were resumed April 19, however, a rise in infections around the state saw them revert back to a yellow epidemiological light.