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Mega Sculpture of Chetumal Bay set to open in September

Chetumal, Q.R. — The Mega Sculpture of Chetumal will be finished September 10 reports Governor Carlos Joaquin. The building, which since it was started in 2003 has cost the state more than 320 million peso, is scheduled for completion within a month.

The building which has seen more than a decade of ongoing remodeling, will be used for government offices as well as offer a public museum (for a fee), however, Joaquin says there will be days when entering the Mega Sculpture will be free.

The building, which was constructed in Chetumal Bay, will also offer a viewpoint, but he did not clarify if that point of interest will be ready for the September 10 opening.

He said various administrations have spent more than 320 million peso on the building, which they are hoping to also use as a tourist attraction.