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Man who resisted broad daylight robbery in central Tulum rushed to hospital after being shot in the head

Tulum, Q.R. — A Tulum man who resisted a broad daylight assault Friday was rushed to hospital after being shot in the head. The victim has been identified as Raúl Labastida Mendoza, a former legal adviser for the Roberto Borge Angulo administration and current legal consultant for the municipality of Tulum.

According to the Tulum Secretary of Public Security and Citizen Protection, Oscar Aparicio Avendaño, the assault took place Friday afternoon in a parking lot after Mendoza had withdrawn payroll cash from a bank on Centauro Street.

Images captured through the surveillance cameras are being used to help identify and locate those responsible for the shooting.

In his statement, Avendaño said that the C2 (Command Centre) received the call for help regarding the central Tulum shooting, and that police continue their search for the two men recorded leaving the scene on the motorcycle.