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Man threatens suicide inside Mexico City International

Mexico City, Mexico — A Jalisco man attempted suicide Thursday morning inside the Mexico City International Airport. Authorities were on scene after the man was seen trying to throw himself from a metal railing inside the airport.

Personnel from the Auxiliary Police along with paramedics and personnel from Rescue and Medical Emergencies were able to secure him.

Through a statement, the Secretariat of Citizen Security reported that the man was seen by Auxiliary Police during a surveillance tour in Terminal 2. When he saw police, he threatened to let go of the railing, however, they were able to secure him.

“While the man was distracted and told the police that his home is located in the municipality of Guadalajara, state of Jalisco, in a quick action, they grabbed him to safeguard his physical integrity and put him in a safe place,” said the SSC.

Paramedics assessed and diagnosed him with stable vital signs without requiring transfer to a hospital and, at the request of Internal Security of the AICM, the 50-year-old man was transferred to the Civic Judge, who will determine his situation.