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Man believed responsible for 27 sexual attacks arrested in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico — According to Mexico City authorities, a man believed responsible for 27 sexual attacks since 2012 has been arrested. A man identified as 56-year-old Miguel N has been taken into police custody after the report of another attack.

According to the CDMX Attorney General’s Office, Miguel N was arrested on Sunday evening after police responded to the report of a woman being attacked in a central area of the city. With the help of city surveillance cameras, they were able to locate the man in the area around 7:20 p.m.

After identifying him, his description matched that a man who had been accused numerous times of attacking Mexico City women. The Attorney General said that victims will be brought forward in hopes of positively identifying the man as their attacker.

Police say Miguel N has operated in that central area of the city since 2012 without being caught. His victims say he approaches women on the street and, with the threat of a knife, forces them to walk arm-in-arm with him as though a couple, before moving them to a place where he sexually attacks them.

So far, CDMX authorities say they believe they have linked him to 13 of the 27 attacks in that area since 2012.