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Man arrested in Cancun after kidnapping 7-month old and demanding ransom

Cancun, Q.R. — One man was taken into police custody Friday after an infant was kidnapped and held for ransom. Elements from GEAVIG, the Group Specialized in Attention to Family Violence, were able to rescue the 7-month-old child after he was kidnapped during the night in SM 216.

It took police several attempts to locate the little boy since the man alleged responsible for his kidnapping tried to elude officers. Area neighbors helped police locate the male, who was spotted by several residents carrying the child.

A search for the child began after the mother told police that a man and woman she had been staying with for the previous two days took her youngest son and threatened to cut off his fingers if she did not give him money.

The unidentified male, who is not the child’s father, is alleged to have demanded 10,000 peso to return the baby unharmed.

Area residents in SM 216 were able to point searching officers in the right direction, which eventually lead to the child’s rescue and arrest of the man alleged responsible for his kidnapping.