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Making the best of a bad situation government creates more than 2,300 apprentice jobs in Acapulco

Acapulco, Guerrero — More than 2,300 jobs have been created for Acapulco’s young adults in the city’s cleanup. On Friday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported the incorporation of 2,330 men and woman aged 18 to 29 into the Youth Building the Future program.

He explained that the program created apprentice positions for young Acapulco adults who will be hired to carry out construction, painting and cleaning work in Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez.

Now that most roads are cleared and services restored, the city is readying for the next step in repairs. López Obrador says the apprenticing youth will work in collaboration with the secretariats of National Defense and Navy, as well as local authorities.

To date they have cleared 220 kilometers of streets and avenues and removed more than 18,000 tons of garbage. He detailed that more than 232,000 homes were affected by the devastating Category 5 Hurricane Otis.

Most major roads have been reopened and a majority of services restored so now young adults will be hired to help restore they city by cleaning, building and painting.

He said he has met with local businessmen and raised the possibility of generating agreements aimed at the prompt distribution of construction material and glass to repair damaged homes and businesses, recognizing the contribution of Nuevo León businessmen.

“Our solidarity, our respect, recognition to all those who are helping Acapulco, also to people who, anonymously, are sending help,” he said.

The delivery of basic appliances has begun to homes. Thousands of new stoves, refrigerators, fans, dishes and mattresses are being delivered free by the government to replace those destroyed by the hurricane.

The government of Mexico has provide homes with a new fridge, stove, bed, fan and dishes free of charge. Photos: Sedena November 8, 2023.

Earlier in the week, López Obrador announced that the city of Acapulco will host the April 2024 Tourist Tianguis as planned. He said businessmen from the Acapulco tourism sector have committed to opening up at least 35 hotels as soon as possible to host the Tianguis and an international tennis event, both of which will contribute to the economic reactivation of the region.

Businesses in Cancun and Riviera Maya had anticipated the arrival of thousands of unemployed Acapulco tourists workers in search of temporary jobs while their city recovers, however, the apprentice youth program may change that.

Riviera Maya businessman Carlos Constandse Madrazo of Grupo Xcaret said while the hotel associations have seen the arrival of some out of work Acapulco residents, the numbers have not been as significant as expected.

“We had that expectation, we were prepared to receive them but hotel organizations have not registered a massive movement like the one we assumed was going to happen.”

He said with the rebuilding of the city, “the waiter became a bricklayer or plumber.” He said most people would not want to leave their homes or the few belongings they have left behind . “I think there will be very few people who will arrive.”