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Thousands from Acapulco expected to arrive in Cancun and Riviera Maya in search of work

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Thousands of people from the hurricane devastated city of Acapulco are expected to begin arriving in Quintana Roo. Mario Machuca, CROC union leader, says tourism workers affected by the hurricane will likely head to Cancun and Riviera Maya for work.

He says this could represent something very beneficial for the Cancun tourism industry, which has not yet recovered from the deficit of workers caused by the pandemic.

Machuca says Guerrero’s tourism workers are people with a lot of experience in the field. “They are likely to come here, which will be beneficial because the colleagues from the Port of Acapulco are proven people.

“We are nearing a high season, so surely they will find many possibilities in the numerous companies that we have since we are looking forward to a good December,” he said.

He commented that above all, the restaurant sector “is anxious” to receive workers from Guerrero who venture to Cancun in search of employment.

Eloy David Quintero Moreno, President of the Federación Guerrerenses Unidos en el Estado de Quintana Roo, says they are anticipating the arrival of around 5,000 people from displaced Acapulco.

He reported that his organization has already begun coordinating with the CROC and CTM Unions to try to place people from Guerrero who are likely to arrive in search of jobs.

“Is a reality. Many people are going to emigrate as soon as they can start leaving. A lot. People here live off tourism and this is where they are going to arrive in the upcoming high season. Let’s hope so,” he said.

Moreno estimated that the arrival of those in search of work in Quintana Roo could begin in the middle of November, once they have the means to leave.