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Mahahual poachers blamed for discovery of dead shark catfish

Mahahual, Q.R. — A dead shark catfish found in Mahahual is believed to be that of poachers. Outraged residents say poachers have become a problem in the seaside town, noting they continually hunt for endangered or permanently banned species.

The shark was found fresh but abandoned deceased with harpoon injuries. Residents are demanding greater vigilance from authorities since these routine poachers are known to fish for endangered or permanently banned species such as turtles, lobster, queen conch, king crabs, red snapper and sharks, an example of which, is the recent specimen found with harpoon injuries.

These illegally hunted species are then sold on social media.

Members of the Association of Nautical Operators of Mahahual indicated that authorities in charge of the surveillance of the Quintana Roo coast, such as the National Commissions of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp), Aquaculture and Fishing (Conapesca) and the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), are conspicuous by their absence in these cases.

They are demanding that authorities reinforce surveillance and punish those responsible for this and other crimes committed against marine life.