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López Obrador says US will support Maya Train project

Hopelchen, Campeche — Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says that during his recent talks with US officials, the United States has agreed to support the country’s Maya Train project.

The announcement of support came after a Friday meeting in Merida with Wilbur Ross, the United States Secretary of Commerce. During a speech given in Hopelchen, Campeche over the weekend, ALMO said that Wilbur Ross conveyed the willingness of the US president to invest.

“Yesterday we had a meeting in Merida, Yucatan with the Secretary of Commerce of the United States government and he gave me a message from President Trump that they are willing to invest and help to build the Maya Train and other infrastructure work in the southeast,” said López Obrador.

Ross, who is the principal voice of business in the Trump Administration said, “I congratulate the new presidential administration in Mexico for its strong emphasis on improving the economic development of this region in particular,” adding, “We also thank them for assisting us as we confront the crisis at our southern border.”

Thomas Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said the Chamber had “vigorously” opposed the idea of closing the U.S.-Mexico border, which would have imperiled that trade.

Ross explained that Mexico is the United States’ second-largest export market and its third-biggest trading partner with more than $678 billion in goods and services changing hands last year.