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López Obrador says he will propose creating a drug reserve bank

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador raised the possibility of creating a drug reserve bank to ensure supplies when needed. On Thursday, López Obrador said it would be created with the purpose of ensuring the supply of medicines and providing medical units around the country when required.

“Now to give a definitive solution to the shortage, we are going to propose (…) a warehouse with all the medicines, all the medicines in the world in reasonable quantities so that when there is a shortage in a hospital, there is a drug reserve bank and we are going to do it,” he said during his Thursday morning press conference.

“The idea is to have all the medicines, even the most specific and difficult to find, to take them to any region from Mexico City. It will be proposed to the officials of the health sector in the coming days.

“For example, if there is a need in a hospital, the drugs will be transported immediately by air or road to the place where they are required,” he said.

AMLO said that the IMSS Bienestar Health Plan benefits 14 of Mexico’s states which register levels of more than 90 percent in the supply of medicines.

“That is why we are advancing in social security, the health program, that all people have the right to be cared for in a health center, in a hospital, that they can undergo surgery, that they have all the medicines, all for free.

“That health is a right, not a privilege, that it is not required to have money to go to a clinic, to be treated in the case of an illness. That is our ideal, we are going to advance and we are going to achieve that goal, we are getting there,” he said.