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Large crocodile caught strolling Cancun streets

Cancun, Q.R. — A large adult crocodile stopped traffic in the hotel zone Friday while making its way across the road. A video of the full-sized croc was taken by a passerby who just happened upon the unusual scene.

The 8-second video, which was shot and uploaded to social media by Antonio Gómez, shows the large reptile slowly emerging from a green area where it proceeds to stroll over a crosswalk and onto the roadway.

As it makes it way to the road, a nearby construction worker appears and can be heard giving a whistle to an oncoming bus who notices the croc and decides to wait. On social media, Gómez commented that the “crocodile walks through Cancun like a tourist.”

Due to the proximity of the lagoon, crocodiles are not an uncommon sight around Cancun, especially in the hotel zone. Animal sightings have increased a great deal around the region with the decrease of human presence due to Covid-19 restrictions.