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Kantunilkín Ejidos hold vote assembly to move forward with legal suit against CFE

Kantunilkín, Q.R. — Ejidos from Kantunilkín have voted in agreement to begin a lawsuit against the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) before the Unitary Agrarian Court for compensation for the use of their lands.

During the assembly, 600 of the 1,116 registered Ejidos attended the meeting along with personnel from the Agrarian Attorney’s Office.

Ejido Debate Table President Isidro Chuc Sima, read the documents signed in Cancun on November 11, after a meeting with CFE and the Agrarian Attorney’s Office, where, despite the blockades, they failed to reach an agreement.

During the meeting, CFE indicated that an indemnity payment was not appropriate since the CFE has legally used the land for more than 40 years, and that land use payments expired after the first 10 years.

However, the Ejidos did not accept that the Civil Law applied to them, but instead, should be under their Agrarian Law, for which they have agreed to sue. The Ejidos are asking the CFE to compensate them for land use to run cables from the mainland to the island of Holbox.