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Ejidos agree to unblock Holbox road and settle lack of CFE payments in Agrarian Court

Kantunilkin, Q.R. — An in-person meeting between north Ejidos and the CFE has resulted in the lifting of road blocks. During the Cancun meeting Friday, both sides agreed to go to court.

After more than a week of road blocks in protest of lack of land use payments, the Ejidos have agreed to take their matters to court. The Ejidos claim the CFE owes them land use rights to run an electric cable from the mainland to the island of Holbox, however, CFE says that deal is nearly 40 years old and the payment of land use rights was only for 10 years.

In return, the Ejidos claimed that agreement was made with a former president and only applied to Civil Law, not Agrarian Law.

Ignacio Cáceres Correa, the president of the Ejido of Chiquilá, admits there were some issues in their roadblock strategy. He says that since the Friday meeting, there has been additional “bickering” within the Kantunilkin Ejidal commuine since their goal was not achieved.

Ejidos from Kantunilkin and Chiquilá, who have been involved in the dispute, have agreed to take their claim to the Agrarian Attorney’s Office. According to the CFE schedule, it has until December 31 to install the new Holbox submarine line.