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Judge suspends transfer of the National Guard to the Secretary of National Defense

Guanajuato, Mexico — A Guanajuato judge has granted a definitive suspension to the organization Uniendo Caminos México against the decree by which the National Guard would be incorporated into the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena).

Karla María Macías, Ninth District Judge in Guanajuato, granted the definitive suspension Monday. The suspension prevents the transfer of operational and administrative control oc the National Guard to the Sedena and orders the return of control of the GN to the Ministry of Public Security and Citizen Protection based on articles 139 and 147 of the Amparo Law.

Maria Macias ordered that “the operational and administrative control of the National Guard not be transferred to the Secretary of National Defense” so that “said body continues under the command of the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection as established in Article 21 of the Constitution.

“This suspension does not harm the social interest or public order, because the functions of the National Guard are not hindered to carry out the function of public security, since it will only continue under civilian command, as established by the constitution,” read in the public version of the statement.

The resolution was granted after Ángel Castro Gómez, representative of the Human Rights defense organization Uniendo Caminos México, filed an injunction requesting that the transfer of the GN to Sedena be declared unconstitutional.