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Judge gives Santa Lucia airport project green light

Mexico City, Mexico — The construction of the Santa Lucia airport will continue after a judge ruled in favor of the Ministry of National Defense and revoked a suspension that stalled the continuation of the project.

Fifth district judge, Juan Carlos Guzmán Rosas, revoked the suspension implemented by a previous ruling, giving the aeropuerto de Santa Lucía a green light to move forward.

On October 1, General Ángel Antonio Cabrera, Acting Commander of the Central Air Region, confirmed that activities of the General Felipe Ángeles International Airport will be able to coexist without problems with the more than 50 daily air military operations that are carried out in Santa Lucia.

“It does not represent a problem. Just like this air base, in other regions of the world, there are also air bases established within airports or in the vicinity of civil airports, and they carry out their activities without any problem. Here, it is exactly the same,” he reported.

The ruling came down October 8 that will allow the continuation of the renovation of the Felipe Angeles International Airport, located on the military base of Santa Lucía. The airport is being overhauled to replace a now-defunct international airport project that was started by Mexico’s previous president, Enrique Piña Nieto.