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José María Morelos paving to start after CAPA line project

José María Morelos, Q. R. — More than 3 million pesos is being invested for the paving of José María Morelos streets. Mayor Erik Borges Yam is coordinating the paving of streets after CAPA finishes modifying pipes near Nohbec Street.

That project was delayed by two days due to the heavy rains, however, it has since been started. Borges says the paving of at least 12 other streets will start as soon as CAPA is finished changing the lines.

Mayor Borges says they are working in coordination with CAPA so that the projects are of quality. “In this case, the pipes will be changed, they will be new throughout the line and the home intakes will be newer so that there is greater durability and there are no problems,” he explained.

CAPA Manager Luis Heredia agreed that the project must be well coordinated with the City Council. “Right now, the City Council is supporting the digging of ditches. It is part of the planning so that the project has greater durability for the passing of water,” he said.

Mayor Borges says once CAPA is finished, the streets will fully paved, not patched, so it will take longer to complete since they want to do it properly so it has durability.