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Borges announces 3.1 million for street paving in José María Morelos

José María Morelos, Q.R. — Mayor Erik Borges Yam has announced 3.1 million in upcoming street paving. Work to repair and pave the most used streets began Wednesday after his announcement.

Borges says repairing streets is “a constant demand of residents.” On Wednesday, he gave the flag to start paving in various sections of the town.

With an investment amount of 3.1 million pesos, the José María Morelos City Council will carry out paving on 4,565 m2, which will be done in the most damaged streets of the capital where more than 13,000 people live.

In a simple event held on Noh-Bec Street and Huay-Max, the Mayor ratified that the commitment he has with the people.

“There have been several citizen complaints regarding Noh-Bec Street between Huay-Max and Santiago Pacheco. They are some of the ones that have the most complaints. We will be on Primavera Street, Constituyentes, Jacinto Pat street and so on through more than 12 streets,” he said.

Borges did not say when the paving project would be finished.