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Isla Mujeres records near-triple sea turtle figures

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — City Council of Isla Mujeres says sea turtle numbers have seen a sharp increase with nearly 10,000 hatchlings being released already this year. The municipality of Isla Mujeres says the work is joint with Tortugranja.

Deline García Canto, director of the Centro de Conservación Tortugranja of Isla Mujeres reported the release of nearly 10,000 sea turtles in addition to protecting 965 nests. She says they estimate that over the next few days, the municipality is likely to reach 1,000 sea turtle nests, noting these figures are nearly triple that of 2018.

“It is important to mention that we started the 2020 protection season 15 days before the established schedule and it is expected to end 15 days later,” said the director adding that the season usually begins on May 15 and ends on October 15.

She explained that so far, five nests and 777 eggs have been counted from the Hawksbill turtle. Loggerhead sea turtles have left 68 nests and 6,943 eggs, while the White turtle has arrived to leave behind 892 nests and 97,923 eggs. To date, they have counted a total of 965 nests and 105,643 eggs, which they will ensure, return to the sea.