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Isla Holbox airport temporarily shut after recent accident

Holbox, Q. R. — Due to the recent accident at the island airport, the Holbox aerodrome has been temporarily closed. The closure of the airport came from the Civil Protection Directorate at the instruction of Mayor Josué Nivardo Mena Villanueva.

After an inspection of airport facilities, authorities found numerous anomalies including the lack of a fire fighting system and 50 percent of their fire extinguishers inoperable. For these reasons, the tiny airport was instructed temporarily closed until it has been regularized.

Mayor Josué Nivardo Mena Villanueva said “our responsibility has always been to ensure the protection and safety of citizens as well as the tourism that reaches our municipality, so we will continue to do so.”

The Director of Civil Protection, Alejandro Erosa Betancourt agreed saying, “it is necessary to guarantee the safety of workers and tourists who require air service. Once that is achieved, the suspension of activities at the aerodrome will be lifted.”

The closure came after a small plane crashed into a concrete structure over the weekend during a landing at the aerodrome of Isla de Holbox.