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Hotel Association says Playa del Carmen also needs nighttime noise bylaw

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Riviera Maya Hotel Association is proposing a nighttime noise bylaw for Playa del Carmen. Andrea Lotito, Vice President of the Riviera Maya Hotel Association, says there is a need to reduce the noise level of nighttime activities.

He says after years of facing constant complaints from tourists about excessive noise due to nighttime activity, there is a need to take action by soundproofing nightclubs or implementing reduced hours of operation.

Lotito says the Association is working with representatives of various business chambers and municipal and state authorities to solve the problem for the benefit of the tourism sector.

“There are two paths. Respect the decibels and soundproof the spaces where music is the protagonist and the other, modify the hours of operation,” he said.

“The issue is already on the table of nightclub operators because both visitors and residents definitely have the right to be able to sleep at nightfall,” he added.

Lotito says the problem should be addressed in Playa del Carmen much the same as the initiative in Tulum, where nighttime noise activities have been reduced at midnight along the busy coastal area.

“The Tulum initiative is interesting, but it could generate an effect towards Playa del Carmen,” he said referring to the possibility of large music festivals signing up in Riviera Maya instead of Tulum where they would be shut down at midnight.

“If we don’t take similar initiatives, the organizers of these parties could move them to the center of this city where they would go until five in the morning,” he warned.