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Hotel Association promotes environmental awareness for Bacalar lagoon

Bacalar, Q.R. — The hotel association is hoping that new environmental training for businesses in Bacalar will help counteract the damages being registered in the lagoon.

The Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Bacalar along with nautical entrepreneurs have sponsored a permanent environmental awareness campaign, which includes training for businessmen, employees and taxi drivers.

According to Bacalar Hotel Association head Linda Argaez, the goal is to also generate environmental awareness for tourists in the hopes of counteracting the damages registered by the Laguna de los Siete Colores, which is considered the main attraction of the municipality.

“We are looking to protect the stromatolites, emphasize the necessity for respecting bird spaces as well as having people avoiding dumping cigarette ashes in the lagoon,” she explained.

Linda Argaez said that they are hoping to demonstrate that there is time to prevent the environmental evils that are coming as a result of Bacalar’s positioning in the international market.

She stressed that it is essential they have the support not only of city councils, but also of the state and federal governments.

“We must prepare in a coordinated manner with the three instances of government, because entrepreneurs will not be able to do it alone,” she remarked.

Argaez says that 100 posters were printed for water installation and 100 tarpaulins for land as well as visual material “which have been placed in the most popular spots around the lagoon, restaurants and hotels.”

“In total there are 3,500 points of visual impact including an expo in the park that will remain fixed with the support of the municipality.

“The content of the water posters focuses on the protection of stromatolites from Xul Ha to Buena Vista, although it also emphasizes respect for the space of birds that nest on the island as well as stressing the importance of avoiding dumping cigarettes in the waters of the lagoon,” she explained.