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Holbox submarine line installation could be delayed after more Ejidos join in CFE fight

Holbox, Q.R. — Ejidos from Chiquila have joined protesting Ejidos from Kantunikin in their disagreement with the CFE. Work on running the new electric submarine cable from the mainland to the island of Holbox could end up being stalled due to the ongoing conflict.

On Thursday, President of the Ejidal Commissariat of San Angel of Chiquila, Ignacio Cáceres Correa, said he will also attend the meeting set up for Friday with the Kantunikin Ejiods in Cancun.

Correa said that on Thursday, they demanded the Holbox submarine cable project be suspended until there has been a resolution.

“We ask the operators of the machinery that carry out work for the Commission (CFE) to suspend their activities for the underwater laying to Holbox as long as the company (CFE) does not sit down to talk and pay for the land it is occupying,” he explained.

He said that they too, have been owed money by the CFE for the past five years, which is why they decided to join in the Ejido Kantunikin fight.

Ejidos from the north have spent the past week protesting a lack of land use payments by the CFE by blocking the road to the Port of Chiquila that allows passage to the island of Holbox.