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Holbox residents angered after three tourists accused of assault released from jail

Holbox, Q.R. — Residents of Holbox expressed their anger when police released three men after being accused of two assaults. The assaults are alleged to have taken place Sunday in the Punta Cocos area in the northeastern part of the island.

The trio accused of assaulting two local islanders are reported to be tourists from the state of Jalisco. The three men were arrested and jailed for a short time, but were released to the dismay of area residents.

The three men were set free since the two assaulted islanders did not file formal legal complaints with the Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office.

Witnesses to the alleged attacks said the men physically attacked a local street vendor before hoping in a taxi and assaulting the driver, Manuel N. Both men are said to have sustained injuries in the unprovoked attacks.

A large group of island taxi drivers rallied around the front doors of the Mayor’s Office demanding justice.