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Hit jaguar rescued by officials in Costa Maya

Álvaro Obregón, Q.R. — Federal officials were able to save a jaguar thanks to a 911 report from residents of the community of Álvaro Obregón. The emergency call was made after a man found the cat had been hit by a vehicle. He and a few other villagers were able to keep the animal in place until wildlife officials arrived.

Staff from the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection and the Institute of Biodiversity and Protected Natural Areas arrived at the site Thursday night accompanied by the director of the Payo Obispo Zoo in Chetumal and veterinary doctor from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The group began the task of securing the jaguar, which they found with numerous injuries. The cat was sedated and moved to a cage for transportation. Federal officials say the jaguar is a young male of approximately 30 kilos. He was found with visible lesions and abrasions as well as external parasites.

The injured animal was transferred to the wildlife facilities of the Payo Obispo Zoo where it was treated and remains under observation by medical personnel.