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Health officials say Mexico in Phase 3 of coronavirus epidemic

Mexico City, Mexico — The Undersecretary of Health for Mexico has announced the beginning of Phase 3 in the health emergency of the coronavirus epidemic.

Hugo López-Gatell reported that Mexico has officially entered Phase 3 in the health emergency. “Today we start Phase 3 of the Covid-19 epidemic. We are in a phase of ascent where there will be an increase in infections and hospitalizations,” said the undersecretary explaining that there are four regions in the country that exceed 1,000 cases and that in central Mexico, there are more than 4,000.

The undersecretary said that in infections, there is a heterogeneous pattern which reveals that transmission occurs by areas, in “patches”, and the highest population densities have the highest number of positive cases, such as CDMX and the municipalities in Edomex.

The Government of Mexico, which to date has reported more than 9,500 positive cases and over 850 deaths, estimates the maximum peak of infections will occur around May 10.

The official warned that although there has been an announcement of restrictions being lifted for some municipalities in mid-May,“the healthy distance measures during Phase 3 are the same. The guidelines cannot be lowered in any state and the governors must guarantee their compliance.”