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Head of state security says Bacalar known aerial drug trafficking point

Bacalar, Q.R. — The head of state public security reports new strategies for the municipality of Bacalar in a bid to combat aerial drug insecurity.

Alberto Capella Ibarra, head of Seguridad Pública en el Estado (SSP), says new strategies will be established in the municipality of Bacalar to combat area issues since it is projected as a point of aerial of drug running from South America.

He says added to the security strategies will be police filters for the detection of criminals in the south of the state. Capalla says it is necessary to implement filters at the entrance and exit of the city and the placement of video surveillance cameras.

He acknowledged that Bacalar has become a point of drug trafficking, and that it has also generated violence among criminal groups that intend to settle in the southern part of the state. He also stressed that Bacalar is a point of drug trafficking by air, so it is necessary to strengthen the presence of police forces due to current deficiencies.