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Governor says priority is to strengthen security and regain peace throughout state

Riviera Maya, Q,R. — Governor Carlos Joaquín commented on results of the coordinated work between the police corporations after the dismantling of an organized crime cell in Tulum.

He said the arrest of those 15 people from last week will allow authorities to continue strengthening actions to regain peace and tranquility throughout the state. He said that among the priorities is the recovery of Riviera Maya beaches as well as more surveillance operations, which will be reinforced with the additional elements of the National Guard.

“Changes in government bring violent events as criminal groups seek to seize the moment to increase their influence and settle accounts, so strengthening police actions contributes to inhibiting violence,” he said in a statement, highlighting the recent arrest of 15 subjects, the seizure of two buildings, drugs, weapons and cartridges involved in La Malquerida shooting.

Carlos Joaquín acknowledged, “we are not satisfied with what has been achieved so far. We know that much remains to be done, but we commit resources to continue advancing in the fight against insecurity and violence.”