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Governor details infrastructure projects for city of Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — Governor Carlos Joaquín has announced several projects that are to begin for the northern region of the state. During an evening event, the governor expanded on the Cancun city projects.

He said that the reconstruction of Colosio Boulevard, which will have up to 10 lanes for traffic, along with the interconnection of the Huayacán Avenue with Chacmool, will allow a better connection with the Cancun International Airport.

He also went on to mention the long-anticipated construction of the Nichupté Lagoon Bridge, which he said, will be put out to tender within the first few months of the new year.

He said the bridge will have three lanes, one of them mixed, as well as a 10-meter clearance to ensure the navigation channel is free.

Joaquin noted that he and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador have recently monitored the progress of Section 4 of the Maya Train. He said on Sunday, the same will be done with sections 5, 6 and 7, as well as the Chetumal and Tulum airports.

Joaquin gave his evening conference during the start of the first stage of the new Parque de la Equidad. He said the park is the result of the accelerated growth in Benito Juárez and the demand of residents for better recreational spaces.

Parque de la Equidad will have additional stages of construction that will include bike paths and walkways, skating rinks, a skate park, recreation areas, an open-air gym and 6 zones, including an area for children’s games, a children’s mobility area, among others. The park will come in at a cost of 22.1 million peso.

The Secretary of Public Works, William Conrado Alarcón explained that bridge work in Cancun for the crossing of the bicycle lane and pedestrian walkway at the intersection of Av. Chacmool with Av. Chichen Itzá will cost 12.5 million, while complementary work on road crossings and the implementation of signage for those with disabilities will cost another 17.7 million.

The construction of buildings or infrastructures on Av. Cancún (Las Torres) between Av. Pedregal and Av. Kabah; Av. Chacmool between Av. Cancún (Las Torres) and Av. 20 de Noviembre; Av. November 20. Between Av. Chacmool and Av. Diagonal Tulum will come in at around 146.7 million peso.

Joaquin stressed that there are a lot of upcoming projects for the municipalities in the state, adding that these will allow for orderly and sustainable growth.