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Governor announces mouth masks no longer mandatory in Quintana Roo

Cancun, Q.R. — As of May 10, mouth masks are no longer considered mandatory in the state of Quintana Roo. On Tuesday night, Governor Carlos Joaquín made the videoed announcement that the wearing of mouth masks is now voluntary.

He said after five weeks with fewer than 20 infections per day and zero covid-19 related deaths, the wearing of mouth masks in closed spaces is no longer required, but people can wear them on a voluntary basis.

“As of May 10, I am pleased to announce that the use of face masks in Quintana Roo is voluntary starting today. Its use is recommended in public transport, crowds and for service personnel during their working day,” he posted on social media.

Joaquin said that while mouth masks are no longer mandatory in open or closed spaces, they are still recommended in places without good ventilation or in places where a healthy distance is not possible, such as in crowded places or on public transport units.

“If at any time, for any reason due to epidemiological conditions it is necessary to again apply the sanitary measure that we have observed during the last two years, we will inform the population,” he said.

Quintana Roo is one more of the Mexican states to announce the wearing of mouth masks as voluntary. The states of Nuevo León and Jalisco have also declared mouth masks as non-mandatory.