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Government releases comprehensive security plan for Maya Train

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — In July, the first operational section of Maya Train is expected to begin a trial run. The section that will run will be between Merida and Cancun. Once the train become operational, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, says they have a security plan in place to protect the national mega project.

General Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, Secretary of National Defense, released the Comprehensive Security Plan for the Maya Train. He said their operational deployment consists of 6,583 elements of the Mexican Army, Mexican Air Force and National Guard to cover the 1,554 kilometers of railway.

To reinforce the Comprehensive Security Plan, these troops will remain in close coordination and cooperation with the Territorial Commands through an operational deployment to increase inter-institutional support with the authorities.

He reported that the plan contemplates two aspects: Operational Security and Physical Security. The first will be supported by the use of cutting-edge technological means and instruments in terms of security such as closed circuit television, intercom, radio communication, detection beacons and technical detectors on roads. that will guarantee the operation of the train.

With regard to Physical Security, it will be established through the installation of 38 security detachments. He also said that all tracks will have sensors that will issue alerts about their correct operation to 174 technical monitoring booths.

Sandoval added that there will also be on-board surveillance provided by agents of the National Guard who will travel inside the wagons along with an Air Group made up of five helicopters that will carry out surveillance and reconnaissance missions at irregular hours.

Sandoval said the air support will operate from five airports located in Palenque, Tulum, Cancun and Chetumal and Merida. Aside from helicopters, drones will be used to complement the surveillance and security of roads and annexed facilities.

On the ground there will be a Cultural Heritage Protection Battalion, which will provide protection to the archaeological zones and a Tourist Protection Battalion that will provide security in the hotel zone and surroundings of Riviera Maya.

There will also be a separate Security Battalion for Business Units, which will provide security to hotels, parks and museums, along Maya Train route.

He says the Mexican Army, Air Force and the National Guard will be responsible for ensuring and safeguarding the well-being of travelers as well as guaranteeing peace and security.