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Government of Mexico creates mammoth museum after finding over 50,000 bones

Mexico City, Mexico — After more than 50,000 animal bones were located, the government of Mexico created the mammoth museum. The museum, Quinametzin Paleontological Museum “Land of the Giants” located in Santa Lucia in the State of Mexico, is nearing completion and will soon be open to the public.

The creation of the mammoth display came after more than 50,000 animal bones were located during the Felipe Ángeles Airport construction project. During the initial start of the project, engineers and workers were surprised to find the remains, said Beatriz Gutiérrez, AMLO’s wife.

She explained that when the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) became involved, more than 50,000 bones were located. The remains include both animal and human, she said.

It was the finding of mammoth bones, not necessarily the human bones, that were the most surprising, she said. “At the beginning of last year, it was possible to distinguish the remains of about 60 mammoths and then, by September, there were already 200,” she commented.

Gutiérrez Müller explained that due to the large number of findings that include mammoths and other fossils, the government decided to create the mammoth museum at the airport where a specimen found intact is the main attraction.

She said the mammal was preserved for thousands of years after falling into a swamp. “According to a military archaeologist, when I was at the site, he explained that it fell face down in a swamp and with the thousands of years that have elapsed, it was possible to recover each of his bones.”

The mammoth museum will open at the same time as the Felipe Ángeles Airport begins operating, which is set for March of 2022.