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Gas lines being installed underground Cancun is part of remodeling project says mayor

Cancun, Q.R. — Gas lines being installed underground in Cancun have permits reports Mayor Ana Patricia Peralta. She says the gas line project will run along Colosio Boulevard and the Cancun Hotel Zone.

“Really, the theme of the project right now is that we have to modernize ourselves, and one of the modernizations is the gas pipeline. There is no evidence that they explode, far from it, on the contrary.

“It is something that will benefit thousands of Cancun residents because it will bring much cheaper and more efficient gas to the region,” she explained.

Peralta made the comments after several groups of concerned citizens publicaly objected the installation of the natural gas line. “The Secretary General, Jorge Aguilar Osorio, has already had meetings with the non-conformists. I’m going to listen to them,” she said.

The installation of the natural gas lines are part of the city’s remodeling project that began in early August. Last year, Playa del Carmen installed natural gas lines under the ground during a major city renovation.