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Fuel tanker found overturned off Costa Maya road

José María Morelos, Q.R. — For the second time this week, authorities were left with the task of uprighting an overturned fuel tanker. On Tuesday, police in José María Morelos, an area south of Tulum, arrived to find a 30,000 liter tanker on its side.

Traffic was affected by a closed lane as elements of the National Guard and the National Emergency Commission arrived at the scene to deal with the mishap. It was around 4:00 a.m. when they received the initial call that a fuel truck had overturned.

When they arrived, they found the large unit laying on its side in a ditch. The driver was unharmed. When daylight broke, municipal Civil Protection workers arrived and requested the support of a second truck to transfer the fuel.

A crane was eventually brought in to upright the overturned unit. There was no word on what caused the fuel truck to become ditched.

On Monday, Civil Protection and firemen from Merida were called to the scene of an accident after a semi transporting two 80,000 liter tanks of LP gas overturned.