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Driver overwhelmed by load overturns two 80,000 liter LP tanks

Merida, Yucatan — Civil Protection and Merida firemen were called to the scene of an accident Monday after a fuel tanker overturned. The double long semi was transporting LP gas when the driver overturned his load.

Responders arrived at the scene along the Merida-Cancun highway to find two 80,000 liter LP tanks ditched. Passing motorists who realized what the loads were notified authorities.

Police interviewed the 45-year-old driver who told them he was overwhelmed by the weight of his load and lost control of the unit, which caused them to overturn.

The driver was accessed on scene for minor injuries but did not warrant a hospital transfer. The National Guard Highways Division closed the area while firemen assessed the tanks for leaks.

Two crane eventually arrived to upright load. There was no word on charges.