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Four Cancun officers involved in excessive force arrest separated from duties

Cancun, Q.R. — A group of agents involved in what has been labeled an excessive force arrest, have been separated from their positions. The Secretariat of Public Security says they have initiated an investigation into the alleged case of police brutality registered against a citizen of Cancun.

The announcement from the agency came after a video showing the arrest was widely disseminated across social networks.

In a statement, the police agency announced that on January 3, 2022, the Internal Affairs Directorate opened an investigation against the involved Cancun officers for using excessive force during the detention of a man.

They said the Internal Affairs Directorate will gather information corresponding to the arrest “in order to obtain the legal truth and with it, sanction the officers in accordance with current legislation by the Council of Honor and Justice.”

“In the Quintana Roo Police, we are promoters and guarantors of human rights without any distinction, and no act or omission that goes against the law and violates the rights of citizens will be allowed or tolerated,” the agency reiterated in their statement released Tuesday night.

The arrest was recorded Monday by a citizen when four officers used excessive force in detaining a man from a private residence in Cancun. “In a preventive manner, the elements involved in the events that have arisen have been separated from their functions they had been performing,” the police agency added.