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Forest fire fighters attend to fast spreading flames outside Xul-Ha

Xul-Ha, Q.R. — Community residents in the town of Xul-Ha reported a forest fire late Friday. The fire was located near the Costa Maya town in the municipality of Othón Pompeyo Blanco.

Municipal, state and federal fire fighters attended to the report of the fast moving forest fire. Personnel from the local fire department of Othón Pompeyo Blanco City Council along with Civil Protection and Secretary of the Navy were sent.

The fire was found to have burned an area of approximately 200 x 100 meters. As of Saturday afternoon, sections of 50 x 50 meters were dealt with at a time while forest fire fighters from the National Forestry Commission and the Secretary of the Navy created fire breaks to stop flames from further spreading, reported State Civil Protection that works in coordination with the Othón P. Blanco Fire Department.

Civil Protection and fire authorities were recommending people avoid the area due to the thick smoke, since the fire was approximately 23 kilometers from the city of Chetumal.