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Foreign Minister addresses firearm trafficking in Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — Foreign Minister Ebrard has received support from state prosecutors against arms trafficking in Mexico. Ebrard, in collaboration with the Attorney General’s Office and state justice authorities, held a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) to address the problem of arms trafficking in Mexico.

The meeting was attended by 19 state prosecutors from across the country who had the opportunity to exchange information and experiences on the fight against illegal firearms trafficking and its negative effects on security in the country.

The need to intensify inter-institutional and international cooperation to effectively combat this scourge that seriously affects Mexican society was highlighted. In addition, the importance of strengthening control and monitoring mechanisms at the country’s borders and ports of entry to prevent firearms, their parts and weapons from entering the country was underscored.

At the end of the meeting, the Secretary of Foreign Relations assured that “the correlation between the weapons in each state and the violence in each state was addressed, that is, where you have more arrests of weapons, or apprehensions – rather – linked to weapons , you have more violence”.

He said that these meetings will be held bimonthly to report on local and federal progress on the matter.

Likewise, the SRE, through the Legal Consultancy, presented the progress of the litigation that was undertaken by the Government of Mexico against the arms manufacturing companies that facilitate the acquisition of high-capacity firearms that are subsequently trafficked to Mexico and empower members of organized crime.

The foreign minister reiterated that “the issue of arms is a priority for Mexico. We continue with the complaint, we have already filed the appeal in the arms demand, we continue, we will soon have the hearing.”

With this meeting, Mexican authorities at all levels of government reaffirm their commitment to the safety and well-being of all Mexicans and, in this sense, continue to work closely together to combat firearms trafficking in the country.