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Five arrests made after shootout between opposing groups arrive to extort the same Cancun vendor

Cancun, Q.R. — In a joint police operation, five men were taken into custody over the weekend due to an armed extortion. Police became aware of the shooting after a private Cancun hospital notified authorities of the arrival of two people with gunshot injuries.

During an interview with the two men, police learned that they were merchants and had been extorted by a group near the residential area of Aqua. While the group were there demanding money from them, another group of armed men also arrived, which lead to a confrontation.

Some of those involved in the 3:30 p.m. Saturday shooting were reported to have fled in a blue Spark.

Cancun police began a search operation in the area that eventually lead to the location and subsequent arrests of five men believed involved. Taken into custody was Ricardo “N”, 23 and Alán “N”, 18, both found in possession of a loaded firearm, ballistics vest and bags of cocaine and marijuana.

Their search operation also located three other males identified as Jorge “N”, 34, Luis “N”, 21 and Joel “N”, 28 who were arrested with two loaded handguns.