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Fire guts building in Historic Center of Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico — Neighbors in the Historic Center of Mexico City alerted emergency personnel to a fire that had erupted inside a building Friday.

The report of the fire came through around 2:30 a.m. that had 30 firemen making their way toward the old building. According to the Historical Center Authority, approximately 30 firemen from the H. Fire Brigades arrived in the Historic Center of Mexico City to quell flames, which took the team nearly eight hours.

As a preventive measure, Civil Protection arrived to close roads and evacuate 100 residents. Two firemen were reported as being injured. The corporation said that although the fire is controlled, the type of construction and the modifications made to the building created some difficulties in accessing the main points of the fire.

So far the official cause of the fire has not specified, however, first reports say the fire began in the cellar of a fabric store.

The Fire Department of Mexico City reported that although the fire is out, extreme caution is being taken due to the risk of collapse.