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Feds at Mexico City airport stumble upon 128 million in cash that arrived from Cancun

Mexico City, Mexico — Elements of the National Guard have seized a truck and arrested its driver after discovering more than 128 million in cash. The seizure occurred at Terminal 2 of the Mexico City International Airport when the vehicle was stopped for an inspection.

Elements of the National Guard located 12 bags of money that had just been picked up by the driver. The bags of cash arrived in Mexico City on a commercial flight from the Cancun International Airport. In total, federal officials report counting 128,680,612 peso in cash for which the driver could not prove its legal origin.

The driver also claimed to not know the exact amount he had picked up. Airport officials found the cash to include Costa Rica, Belize, Canadian, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Peru, Poland and U.S. currencies.

Federal authorities are now investigating the operation of a criminal group dedicated to card cloning and human trafficking, among other crimes.