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Father of 13 year old found in Costa Maya jungle arrested

Chetumal, Q.R. — The father of a 13-year-old girl who was found abandoned for a week has been arrested. On Thursday, the State Attorney General’s Office of Quintana Roo reported on his arrest for domestic violence.

“The detainee is charged for his probable participation in the crime of family violence to the detriment of two boys and a girl whose identities are reserved,” the FGE reported.

Sergio “C” was arrested the day after his minor daughter was found after being abandoned in a mountain area outside the city of Chetumal. She was missing a week.

In their statement, the FGE said “Sergio “C”, father of the three victims, was hiding for 10 days with the children in a mountain area during which time they were deprived of water and food.”

During that time, the FGE says the children “suffered physical and psychological violence from their father. One of the boys was beaten while the girl was hit with the handle of a machete and was later abandoned at the scene.”

Three days later, Sergio “C” left the area with the two boys, leaving his daughter “without immediately notifying the authorities of the disappearance of the girl.”

She was reported missing May 10 and was finally found May 17 in a mangrove. She was found by a search and rescue dog.