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Entire state returning to orange due to continued increase of covid-19 infections

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The entire state of Quintana Roo will regress even further, back to an orange epidemiological light. The news of the regression was made by state governor Carlos Joaquin late Thursday.

The governor said that the entire state will return to orange from January 24 to 30. He said that on Friday, he will announce new operating criteria for businesses under the new light.

“It is necessary to maintain our health without losing our economic recovery,” he said.

The head of the Executive explained that rather than imposing new restrictions, these criteria will focus on social behavior measures that help prevent additional contagion, taking into account that before shutting down the economy, rules of coexistence with the virus must be established.

He said that the state will remain yellow until Sunday, the 23rd, clarifying that the regression of the light is not the product of a personal decision, but rather the reflection of the new reality that exists.

“We must recognize that we live in a new reality due to the rebound in Covid-19 cases throughout the country,” he said adding “that today, the pandemic is not the same as that of previous years. There is a false perception that the Omicron variable is like the flu. It is necessary for people to know that this is not necessarily the case.

“For this reason I want it to be understood that, as part of a society, we must work together around a common goal which is to learn to live with the virus,” he stressed adding that the state is close to approaching the red epidemiological light again, which puts everyone in a sensitive situation.

“What we do will be reflected in what will happen in the coming weeks. Only together can we contain the contagion. In red, everyone loses in more ways than one.”