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Employees of Cancun’s former garbage collection company make deal

Cancun, Q.R. — Disgruntled workers from Cancun’s former garbage collection company have come to an agreement with their employer. On Monday, both sides held a meeting at Cancun City Hall that ended with a payment agreement.

Fernando Hernández, legal representative for laid off the Pimsa workers, said after a meeting, the company agreed to pay the corresponding pay outs. The workers were laid off after the company lost their contract with the City of Cancun for waste mismanagement.

Hernández said that payments to the now unemployed workers will be made “as soon as possible” at the Labor Conciliation Center. Details as to how much each worker is entitled to is still being worked out, however, he figures that the company will have to pay the more than 100 workers around four million pesos.

Payouts are expected to begin Thursday and continue until each worker has been paid. The 100-plus employees of Pimsa, the former garbage collection company for Cancun, were laid off after the company lost their contract with the city in late July.

The city filed a formal complaint against the company for waste mismanagement that caused environmental damage. After the complaint, inspectors shut half of the city’s dump.

Days later, the out-of-work employees took to blocking the open half of the dump’s access to the city’s step-in garbage collection company.