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Cancun suspends garbage collection company concession after allegations of mismanaged waste

Cancun, Q.R. — The City Council of Cancun has temporarily suspended the concession for the city’s garbage service company. On Tuesday, Cancun Mayor Ana Paty Peralta issued a statement.

She reported that service of the company Promotora Inmobiliaria Majahual has been suspended as a consequence of probable environmental effects.

“Our commitment to Cancun families and to our city is unwavering. In this government we will not allow our natural environment to be damaged or our environmental resources to be affected.

“We will act responsibly and resolutely, we will not ignore any irregularity,” she said after the City Council voted in favor of the temporary suspension.

She also reported that the city has authorized a new property to be used for garbage disposal. This property will be used for a period of six months.

“After an exhaustive analysis, we are about to determine that plot 11-13 be temporarily allocated for the final disposal of our city’s solid urban waste for up to six months,” she said.

“By approving this temporary measure, we will carefully ensure that the process of final destination of the waste is correct to guarantee that neighboring communities do not suffer any affectation,” she explained.

Improper handling of waste in the Cancun landfill was reported by the mayor earlier this week. Since then, inspections have been carried out verifying the environmental damage, which has lead to the closure of the site.

The landfill site that has been closed is used for garbage disposal by both Cancun and Isla Mujeres.