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Dog spends day riding Cancun combi after hopping aboard alone

Cancun, Q. R. — A Cancun combi driver ended up with an unusual rider inside his unit Tuesday. During a passenger stop along his Cecyte 2 – Portillo route, a pitbull who saw an opportunity in an opened door, hopped in.

The dog sat down among the other passengers and carried on with the combi as it made its way along the route. Since he was well behaved and hot, the combi driver allowed the dog to stay aboard the unit for the duration of the day.

A few photos were taken and posted to social media in hopes of finding his owners.

Passengers had to step around the dog as he hogged up the cool space of the front door.
Photo: Policia Cancun June 13, 2023.

No one was sure exactly where the dog hopped on board, which made it difficult to try and return him to his original area. Cancun police posted photos of the dog to their social media.

The dog stayed put all day as people got on and off the combi. In the photos, he is seen riding the public van with human passengers on TTE combi 348 Tuesday morning.

It was one of the combi passengers who took the photos and sent them to police for help in locating his owners. It is not known if anyone has yet to come claim him.