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Deputy says Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue project overdue and should be questioned through state congress

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The work delay of Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue, along with the application of resources, will be questioned through state congress. Deputy Roxana Lili Campos Miranda says that the delays along with the bad planning and lack of transparency in the application of resources will be questioned through the Justice Commission of the State Congress.

The project, which was due to be delivered at the end of September, is considerably overdue and the iconic avenue is in terrible condition, which not only gives a bad image to the little tourism that reaches the destination, but has also begun to economically effect businessmen settled in area, she stressed.

She explained that she will request the start of an investigative commission, which will analyze the bases on the bidding process, the exercise of expenses and the progress of the work.

She indicated that this situation is not a “political slap” in search of positioning her image, but a way of holding accountability as a citizen, since the damage has not been quantified and is serious because businessmen are just getting going from the health pandemic.

“The inhabitants are not against the remodeling work. What they are against is the way it was done,” she said. She reiterated that in an area with 100 businesses, only 40 remain open and the other 60 have closed permanently since tourists do not arrive in the area because of the condition of the roadway of only dirt and puddles, which she noted, confirms that the work should have been carried out in stages.