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Fifth Avenue businessmen hoping governor visit will expedite work

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Businessmen along Fifth Avenue continue to question the slowness of the Playa del Carmen remodeling project that is set to be complete by December. The president of the Riviera Maya Business Coordinating Council Lenín Amaro Betancourt, toured the areas of the project being done by Solidaridad City Council.

In a statement, he noted that the projects are going at such a slow pace that it is exasperating. He did, however, say that “we are hopeful that the visit of the area by Governor Carlos Joaquín González will serve to expedite them, since the economic effects and the loss of jobs continue.

“This, despite the fact that since June 1, we have activated a plan for economic recovery and diversification.”

He stressed that the health pandemic gave a hard blow to the local economy, and that this delay in the completion of Fifth Avenue “adds five percent more impact to the businesses of the Playa del Carmen tourist center.”

The president of the Association of Small Hotels of Playa del Carmen, Stefania Cappelletti added that “this situation is unsustainable. The work on Fifth Avenue must be yes before the second half of December, because otherwise, we will all go bankrupt.

“We ask the Solidaridad government to increase the number of workers and working hours to complete the project before this date,” she urged.