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Day one of Cancun’s Covid police sees nearly 200 lacking in health protocols

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun’s new Covid police force reports that on their first day out, nearly 200 people were stopped for failing to abide by the mandatory health protocols. While no arrests were made, Covid police say that nearly 200 were exhorted. The Secretary General Benito Juárez city council Issac Janix Alanís, reported their first day of statistics. “Almost 200 people were exhorted by Policía de Reacción Covid-19. No arrest were made, however we still see a bit of disinterest among citizens,” he explained.

Janix Alanís specified that on their first day, only exhortations were carried out, urging nearly 200 citizens to understand it is mandatory to use mouth masks and attend to safety and hygiene protocols to avoid being fined or referred to Centro de Retención Temporal (Torto) for administrative offenses.

He says four sectors of the city were covered, plus the Cancun Hotel Zone where the elements of Policía de Reacción Covid-19 spoke with citizens who were not complying with sanitary measures. Police explained that the region remains in an orange epidemiological light, which does not mean meeting in recreation areas or centers of religious worship.

Janix Alanís added that many people do not pay attention to the health recommendations that authorities themselves have announced.