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Customs at Cancun International seize bags of live sea cucumber bound for Montreal

Cancun, Q.R. — The National Customs Agency of Mexico has secured numerous bags of live sea cucumber from the Cancun International Airport. The marine animals were found Saturday during an x-ray of personal luggage heading to Montreal.

The National Guard made the arrest of the male passenger who owned the luggage. The unidentified passenger was intending to leave Cancun, bound for Montreal, with the endangered marine animals.

“He was arrested for intending to transport protected and endangered marine species,” the National Guard said in their press release.

The National Customs Agency of Mexico made the finding during a security inspection in the baggage reception area of the air terminal minutes before the departure of a flight to the city of Montreal, Quebec.

The bag containing the sea cucumbers was marked positive for a prohibited substance by an on-site K9. The luggage was then x-rayed and manually inspected after irregular images were detected in the x-ray.

In their press statement, the National Guard did not specify the nationality of the man arrested.